Meever & Meever delivered in the last years combined walls to several project throughout the world. Within our organization we are able to produce and deliver a fully equipped combined wall which means; Sheet piles, Pipes or H piles , Corner sections and anchors

The combination of Sheet piles, pipes , H – Pile and anchors are used. Because of the mechanical properties H-piles often are driven in the ground for deep foundation applications or in the construction of buildings and bridges. H-piles can also be used in combination with sheet piles to achieve a much more stiffness and bending resistance in retaining walls and structures.
Hot-rolled Z sections. Includes (ESZ-, PZC-, H-, PZ-, AZ-, Z- type). Cold-formed Omega sections. Includes (MKL3, MKL4- type). Cold-formed Z sections. Includes (MZK685 and MZK785 type). Cold rolled Z-sections. Includes (IBZ-, SCZ-, SKZ-, VKZ-, Z-, EZ-, XZ-, JZ-, MSZ-type)
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