«The Dawson silent piling pressing system technique starts when powerful hydraulic clamps take hold of the tops of several interlocked steel sheet piles. The piling rig then applies down-crowd force, pushing all piles until the rig reaches its safe load limit. This usually achieves several metres of penetration.

Maintaining this initial pre-load the hydraulic cylinders then apply vertical force to a single sheet pile whilst reacting on the rest of the pile group.

This downward force requires an equal and opposite reaction. Initially, most of this reaction is provided by the combined weight of the piling rig and the reaction piles. However, as penetration of the pile group advances the skin friction between the reaction piles and the ground becomes the most significant factor in developing adequate total reaction.»

Can be configured to install high capacity foundation piles formed by interlocking 4, 5 or 6 sheet piles in a box – SWL capacities up to 1400 tonnes No spoil removal to landfill No ground heave Pile capacity measured during installation Immediate loading Low mass/volume material transport Will accept side loads Piles can be extended out of the ground to form permanent piers or columns»
Modelos: 2 RAM 3 RAM 4 RAM
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